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The PyFile development is currently stopped as I have some other work to do and because I plan to move PyFile to an actual 3D file manager! However this requires a lot of thoughts being spent on the interface. I haven't yet found a 3D representation for a directory tree that would suit my needs. If you have an idea for a 3D scene that provides the necessery overview (within directories as well as between them) and still is useable also for a power user's every day work then feel free to drop me a mail (crashchaos at gmx dot net).

Welcome to the home of PyFile. Here you can find information and links about PyFile.
First off PyFile is a graphical file browser (something like the well-known^Whated windoze explorer). It is intended to provide any user with just as much functionality as requested. So if you just want to copy around your files you can do that easily with PyFile. But if you want to filter those few python sources from your current directory PyFile can do that for you easily. If you need such functionality frequently you can even use one of the available icons and get your functionality at the ease of one simple click! PyFile can be used out of the box but also provides an extremly high level of customization (see the features!). It also provides you with a very easy to use extension mechanism so that you can include your own tools/games/whatever in PyFile's functionality just like any other builtin PyFile command! Start your favorite browser using one icon, make your daily backup using another one. But enough of that babble.. last but not least PyFile is a graphical file browser. So you'll be entertained by effects everywhere. Which other file browser allows you to scroll through your files? Where can you see files explode when you delete them? PyFile aims to be a good mixture between look and functionality so that you can get your work done but still don't need to miss the fun stuff!
Call for help:If you're familiar with automake and/or autoconf please take a look at the existing setup and contact the author for ideas and improvements.
Current release:No release yet
ChangeLog (Live from CVS ;):ChangeLog
Author(s):Raiser, Frank aka CrashChaos (crashchaos at
Feature List:Features
Download:SourceForge download page
SourceForge project page:SourceForge page for PyFile
Thanks:Pete "ShreadWheat" Shinners for his ever-growing unimaginably great pygame library
Gareth Noyce (The Corruptor) for providing the great icons
Everyone who suggested new and better features (a complete list of those people can be found in docs/AUTHORS

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